Smyrna Baseball League

Volunteer - Fall 2024



Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer in Smyrna Baseball League. As always, there is quite a bit of interest in these positions and many qualified people to fill them. Unfortunately, there are not always enough teams to accommodate all the requests.


To help differentiate between a Head Coach, an Assistant Coach, Dugout Coach, and Team Coordinator following is a short description of each:

  • The Head Coach of a team is ultimately responsible for the team. Head Coach drafts the team, plans the practices, organizes team volunteers, manages the team, and is the primary contact between the league and the team.
  • An Assistant Coach typically helps coach the team and performs any other duties as assigned by the Head Coach.
  • A Dugout Coach typically helps the coaching staff by keeping the team organized during practices and dugout during games.
  • The Team Coordinator of the team assists in keeping up with any administrative and communication work needed by the Head Coach (most important job in the league)

Please direct questions to: Smyrna Baseball League

Volunteer Inquiries